GSA Labor Positions and Details

001 Commercial Job Title: Project Manager Minimum/General Experience: Combination of five years information technology experience, including three years of experience in a management or supervisory capacity, plus three years of experience in the functional area of the project to be managed

Functional Responsibility: Responsible for managing a project which is of moderate risk and complexity and/or part of a larger program. Ensures that required resources such as manpower, production, computer time, facilities and the like are available. May have supervisory responsibilities for hiring, firing, and salary and performance management for technical staff. Responsible for all phases of contract management, workflow, and resource management; and for the quality of the program and deliverables, Estimate and manage multiple projects of various sizes and environments. Has responsibility for program growth, marketing and follow-on business and conduct business briefings and presentations. Minimum Education: B. S. degree with emphasis in IT or Telecommunication or equivalent experience.

002 Commercial Job Title: Task Leader Minimum/General Experience: Three (3) years experience in supervising an IT and/or Telecommunications projects.

Functional Responsibility: Supervises on one or more Task Orders (depending upon complexity), and is authorized interface with the Government Contracting Officer's Technical Representative regarding all technical Task Order issues. Is responsible for assigning work schedules, reviewing progress according to schedules, reviewing and resolving work discrepancies, and supervising Task Order deliverable entities. Minimum Education: A.A. degree in Information Technology or Telecommunication or equivalent experience.

003 Commercial Job Title: Program/Project Management Technical Assistant Minimum/General Experience: Two (2) years of experience assisting in Program/Project Management.

Functional Responsibility: Provide management assistance for planning and executing a project. Assist the Project/Program Manager during the preparation and maintenance of project schedules and budgets. Prepares and delivers status reports or views, track staffing budget and assist in personnel project related matters. Minimum Education: Associate degree in Business Information Technology, Telecommunication or equivalent experience.

004 Commercial Job Title: Quality Assurance Manager Minimum/General Experience: Six (6) years experience in quality assurance and control management.

Functional Responsibility: Establishes and maintains a process for evaluating quality assurance procedures and requirements. Determines the resources required for quality control. Maintains the level of quality throughout the hardware and software life cycle. Conducts formal and informal reviews at predetermined points throughout the development cycle. Configuration Management, verification and validation, software testing and integration. Minimum Education: Bachelor's degree in Information Systems, Telecommunication or equivalent experience.

005 Commercial Job Title: Quality Assurance Analyst Minimum/General Experience: Two (2) years experience in quality assurance and control management.

Functional Responsibility: Assists in the evaluation of software and associated documentation. Conduct Cabling testing, software testing and integration and demonstrated knowledge of system and project life systems include working with quality control methods and tools. Participates in formal and informal reviews to determine quality assurance compliance. Minimum Education: A. A. degree in Information Systems, Telecommunication or equivalent experience.

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